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About US

I am a single mother with two children who was in need of a new job. I have some good skills that I learned from my mother which I decided to put to good use. I am excited and happy that I can offer saving to your family and at the same time help mine. I am the sole creator of my product and started my business out of my home with hands on every step of production.

During development, I carefully researched the materials and chose as many U.S. made products as possible. While abiding by this high standard of quality, I also continually strive to keep the price affordable for all families. All business decisions either big or small are evaluated with our planet's health and social harmony in mind.

I am committed to creating only the highest quality products and dedicated to creating exceptional design and performance while saving you money. I am very proud of the fact that all of my products are manufactured in the great state of Texas in the United States, helping to support the local economy and reduce our environmental impact.

How Does Gentooshies Diapers Help the Environment?

Gentooshies cloth diapers are tested safe for your baby and guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free. All products have been thoroughly researched and are all CPSIA compliant. The products we have developed are reusable and have been designed to replace disposable items.

All-in-One Cloth Diapers (also known as "AIO"s) - These diapers are the easiest diapers to use and have the absorbent material sewn into the diaper cover. The cover and absorbent inner is attached as one unit. It is a type of diaper that functions completely on its own without the need for extra accessories. It does not require separate soaker material to absorb or a separate diaper cover to contain leaks. All of the features are neatly packaged into one diaper. Many parents find this type of diaper to be the height of convenience since all they need is in one place. Our diapers are made with the Zorb material soaker, which allows the diaper to be trim and yet be absorbent. This is why all in one diapers are the favorite among cloth diapering caregivers, moms and dads!

Available in a variety colors.

Our diapers are CPSIA Compliant!

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